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on the cutting room floor of the twentieth century - diagram (forthcoming)

austral index - failed states #4 (forthcoming)

three moments in my journey - the bennington review #8  

fleas, markets - the adroit journal issue 31

recessional - the arkansas international issue 7 (order here!!)

liesl: a cartography - gigantic sequins 10.2 (order here!!)

a sense of direction - terraform

we will cleanse our wounds with the blood of liars - the literary review no. 62 spring 2019

lie park: fragments from a psychogeography of the sixth borough of new york - the account spring 2019

death is a bribe! - the rupture 102 

train to nowhere - chicago magazine april 2019 (nonfiction!!)

the enchantment of uses - joyland 

have you hugged your shirker today? - spartan

occupational hazards - jellyfish review

tales of the unanswered! - matchbook

appeasing the beasts of remembering - recommended reading commuter

before the 6:30 - lost balloon

a summons to the archive - timber

i thought i knew the answer for a minute - smokelong quarterly

the pale rider pauses so his pale horse may graze - conjunctions (online)

two short pieces - the revue/the spectacle

the einstein of mt. greenwood - fanzine

public & private - necessary fiction

some recent items - decomp

briefly noted - the collapsar

saul & the witch of endor, or: high hopes for the nightmare of history - blunderbuss

charon at the junkets - forge lit

who will survive and what will be left of them? - litro #138

i still listen to that silence - the letters page issue 2  

i am singing - epoch vol 55 no 1


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